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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

An Employer's Guide

Your ‘Guide to Succession Planning‘.
Most Organisations today, regardless of size and location, cannot do without a carefully crafted management succession plan. In order to minimise risks associated with the loss of valuable personnel, Organisations must engage in talent management by first realising the benefits of succession planning.
Organisations with formal succession planning may benefit from improved retention rates through the establishment of a career path, as well as the creation of a ‘line of sight’ so that Employees can see how they may progress in the Organisation. Succession planning means an Organisation is prepared to replace key Employees who leave their positions, suddenly or otherwise.
This Complimentary Guide can support you with

  • How to Approach Succession Planning

  • Selecting a training plan and activities

  • Measuring and Evaluating Progress

  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Succession Planning

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