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What is Stress?

In its broadest sense, Stress can be defined as a negative reaction to aspects of a person’s environment, as they perceive it. Stress can therefore be explained as being a response to a stimulus, and involves a person’s sense of an inability to cope or bridge a gap between the requirements or expectations which have been placed upon them, this can originate from either a work or a personal scenario.

Every individual examines, understands, experiences, reacts to and copes with a situation differently. Causes of stress in the short-term include examples such as: deadlines, carrying out difficult tasks, multi-tasking, having to perform in difficult circumstances or under external pressures.

Stress can stem from all areas of life, either personal circumstances or from work. Stress can often present itself when a number of pressures combine at the same time, so a person is overpowered in the ability to handle process and overcome these issues. Work Related Stress is stress which either is caused by work, or is exacerbated by work. Work Related stress means that a person perceives the work environment in a way that their reaction involves a feeling of inability to cope.