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First Aid

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Chapter 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 sets out requirements for Employers and other parties in relation to first Aid at the place of work.

According to Chapter 2:

“First-Aid” means:

  • in a case where a person requires treatment from a registered medical practitioner or a registered general nurse, treatment for the purpose of preserving life or minimising the consequences of injury or illness until the services of a practitioner or nurse are obtained, or
  • in a case of a minor injury which would otherwise receive no treatment or which does not need treatment by a registered medical practitioner or registered general nurse, treatment of that minor injury;

“Occupational first-aider” means a person trained and qualified in occupational first-aid.

Subject to the below, this Chapter applies to every place of work – The Regulation detailing the provision of First-Aid Rooms (Regulation 166 of the General Application Regulations 2007does not apply to the following places of work:

  1. Means of transport used outside the undertaking or a place of work inside a means of transport;
  2. A fishing boat;
  3. A field, wood or land forming part of an agricultural or forestry undertaking which is situated away from the undertaking’s buildings.