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D. Cases

The Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 sets out entitlements for Employees and obligations for Employers in relation to working time, the information which it contains includes daily and weekly rest break entitlements, the maximum average working week, night workers, annual leave entitlements and so forth.  

Adare Human Resource Management’s team of consultants have analysed some of the key cases in relation to the Working Time legislation, particularly cases relating to complying with record-keeping requirements, breaches of the Act where Employees do not receive adequate rest periods, and so forth. These cases are all found in full below, along with summaries detailing the Organisational considerations in each case taken before a Third Party Forum.

Below are a selection of Working Time cases from 2012 the team at Adare Human Resource Management have compiled for your viewing. Some are private viewing for our members. To access the archive of cases please log in or sign up to Linea.

WTC235 - Roskell Ltd v Armands Rikmanis - Annual leave accrual during sick leave

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