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Do you or your Organisation have a query around the topic of Force Majeure Leave? Who is eligible to apply for Force Majeure Leave? These questions and others like it are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section below.

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What is force majeure leave?
Force Majeure Leave is paid leave provided for Employees to deal with emergency situations arising from the illness or injury of immediate family members and others named within the Acts.
For whom may Force Majeure leave be taken?

Force majeure leave may be taken in respect of the illness or injury of one the following persons:

  • A child or adoptive child of an Employee,
  • A spouse or partner of an Employee,
  • A person to whom the Employee is acting in loco parentis,
  • A brother or sister of an Employee,
  • A parent or grandparent of an Employee, or
  • A person with whom the Employee lives in a relationship of domestic dependency.  This includes any person who resides with a staff member who, in the event of their injury or illness, would reasonably rely on that Employee to make arrangements for the provision of care.  This includes, but is not limited to same sex partners.  
What is “Domestic dependency”?
A person who resides with an Employee is taken to be in a position of domestic dependency with the Employee if, in the event of injury or illness, one reasonably relies on the other to make arrangements for the provision of care.

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