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D. Cases

Force Majeure Leave is paid leave is provided to Employees where, due to the illness or injury of one of a named list of people, the Employee’s presence at the location of that person is indispensable.

It is imperative for Organisations to prepare for, accommodate as well as thoroughly understand the implications and protocol of such absences. The Adare Human Resource Management team have compiled and analysed vital cases pertaining to Force Majeure outlining key takeaways of each case. Instances of due consideration, refusal to grant Force Majeure leave, application consideration are just a taste of the cases which are outlined in detail below, with the aim of Organisations learning from the past experience of others.

Below are a selection of Force Majeure Leave cases from 2007 - 2015 the team at Adare Human Resource Management have compiled for your viewing. Some are private viewing for our members. To access the archive of cases please log in or sign up to Linea.
PL2 - Employer v Employee - Treating all Employee Requests Equally
PL1 - Employee v Employer - Considering Applications for Force Majeure Leave
PL2 - Employer v Employee - Due Consideration

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