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Do you have a question relating to Adoptive Leave? Our team of experts have developed this series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to Adoptive leave based on our first-hand experience and the queries we receive most often. 

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Who is eligible to take Adoptive leave?
  • An Employed adopting mother: any female who is adopting a child of whom she is not the natural mother;
  • A sole male adopter: a male Employee who is adopting a child on his own;
  • An Employed adopting father is also entitled to certain leave in circumstances where the adopting mother has died before or during the period of adoptive leave or additional adoptive leave.
Are Fixed Term Employees entitled to Adoptive Leave?
All fixed term Employees have rights under the Acts. Where a contract is due to expire during the adoptive leave period, protection under the Act also expires on that date.
Are Agency Workers entitled to Adoptive Leave?

Agency workers are deemed to be Employed under a contract of Employment for the purposes of the Act. The person who is liable to pay the wages is deemed to be the Employer, in this case, normally the Employment agency.

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