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Latest Industrial Relations News

'We need to see the abolition of Zero Hour Contracts', Patricia King tells Mandate conference

25 April 2018

Congress General Secretary Patricia King tells delegates to the Mandate conference that we need to see an end to Zero Hour and 'if and when' contracts and calls for action on the housing crisis.

Congress General Secretary, Patricia King stated “The term “precarious work”, as we know, refers mainly to a pattern of low paid employment with variable or irregular hours whether on full or part-time contracts. Many people, in such employment, are paid only for the hours they actually work which may not reflect their contract hours, or indeed, they may not be required to work at all. This results in their income being insecure, uncertain and unpredictable. These are working conditions that members in this room would be very familiar with.

Congress Unions are very clear as to what should be included in that legislation:

  • We need to see the total abolition of Zero Hour, and ‘if and when’ contracts.
  • We need to see, the establishment of a minimum 3 hour payment for workers at their normal rate including at JLC and SEO rate, even if no work is provided.
  • We need to see the proposed bands for banded hour contracts narrowed with a look back period of no more than 13 months.
  • The legislation also needs to include normal compensation provisions of up to 104 weeks with appropriate employer penalisation clauses where appropriate.

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